What We Are About

Our organization is interested in conservation of our wildlife resources for enjoyment by future generations. All of our activities stress conscientious game management and good fellowship.  Las Vegas Woods and Waters Club activities include:

  • Monthly luncheons with speakers
  • Organized hunting trips
  • Organized fishing trips
  • Archery shoots
  • Black powder shoots
  • Rifle, Pistol and machine gun shoots
  • Clay target shoots
  • Fishing tournaments
  • Coyote calling outings
  • Ice fishing trips


Because it is an organization that caters to its members, Las Vegas Woods and Waters Club is always a pleasant experience regardless of the number of hours you participate in it. We don’t care to make headlines, because headlines are usually bad.  We don’t want to make waves, because waves sink ships. We want a comfortable, quiet organization that is just for the membership.



Our meetings, held the second Wednesday of each month, are “laid back”, easy and pleasant. The reports are on bird season, how the fish are biting, or maybe a report on an upcoming float trip. The programs are related to the great outdoors, anywhere from Africa to your own backyard. Programs will feature duck decoys, guns as an investment, wildlife photography, exciting trips by club members, fishing the Coast, and calling and hunting turkeys … anything we feel could be of interest to the sports person.



Las Vegas Woods and Waters Club is a group of men and women who enjoy the outdoors. A heartfelt love for the trees, rivers, mountains, the change of seasons and the cry of the Wild Geese. We may be a bit selfish, but we don’t feel that there is enough time in our fast-paced world to enjoy our sport. Our organization is for those who seek refuge from telephones, schedules and deadlines. Maybe it is only for a short time each month that you relax with us and shed your problems. Perhaps you could join us on a club trip, the time we spend together is precious. No one can be sure, but we think you’ll live longer too!


In any case, it is delightful to be with and meet people with interests similar to ours.

Yes, we are “laid back”, and we love it!

In Las Vegas Woods and Waters Club there is more genuine laughter, interesting people and more good times than any organization. If you enjoy the great outdoors and all that it has to offer, Las Vegas Woods and Waters Club is for you. If you like hunting, camping, fishing, archery, backpacking or just sitting around a campfire swapping stories, Las Vegas Woods and Waters Club gives you a chance to enjoy these things with like minded friends.

  • Particulars – yes, it costs $25 per year and none of your time unless you want to get involved.
  • You get The Game Bag monthly.
  • There are monthly programs and luncheons you can attend.
  • Trips are planned regularly if you wish to go.
  • There are people here who can make you the best friends you have ever known.
  • And, my friend, that is truly the best bargain we can offer!

What are you waiting for? Get your membership today.

We meet every 2nd Thursday of the month for a lunch meeting with a guest speaker with topics relating to our outdoor pursuits. Meeting location Las Vegas National Golf Course at 1911 East Desert Inn door open at 11:15 AM cost $20. We also hold one or two events each month, either shooting or fishing related. Most shooting events are held at Clark County Shooting Complex (CCSC) located at north Decatur Blvd.