Club History & Awards

YearPresidentSportsman Of The YearMarksman Of The YearAngler Of The YearFUBARAll Around
2020Mike ReeseJeff BryantBrian PattersonBrian Patterson
2019Brian PattersonMark TransueMike ReeseBrian PattersonRalph Willits
2018Dave FamigliettiSteve ReiterM. Reese/D.FamigliettiD. FamigliettiD. Famiglietti
2017Steve LinderDave FamigliettiMike ReeseSteve LinderL. Cusimano
2016Steve LinderMark GallearRalph WillitsLarry CusimanoNeil DilleRalph Willits
2015Sean CassidyKen Johnson***Dave FamigliettiLarry CusimanoNo Award GivenL. Cusimano
2014Mike TaylorRalph WillitsMike ReeseSteve LinderNo Award Given
2013Randy WeaverDon TurnerJamie VallejoSean CassidyNo Award Given
2012Joe Luby IIISean CassidyMike TaylorNeil DilleNo Award Given
2011Mike ReeseJoe Luby III Clayton PhillipsSteve ShultzNo Award Given
2010Brian PattersonRandy WeaverLarry WengertBrian PattersonNo Award Given
2009Gordon WarrenJohn FennerKen JohnsonSteve Kiss SrNo Award Given
2008Mike ReeseBrian PattersonMike ReeseGordon WarrenGordon Warren
2007John FennerKyle OttoRon ChristensenRandy WeaverDennis Rusk
2006Steve ReiterJeff AndersonMike ReeseSteve ReiterJeff Anderson
2005Steve ReiterMike ReeseMike ReeseJeff AndersonKerry Miller
2004Roger ZuegerNeil DilleMike ReeseJeff AndersonNeil Dille
2003Jeff AndersonJohn SuttonJeff AndersonJeff AndersonSteve Reiter
2002Brian PattersonJim PopeBrian PattersonBrian Patterson
2001Paul HarrisJohn GilbertRich PasquarelloJeff AndersonDan Perry
2000Russ SwainDwight CreveltPaul HarrisMike Taylor
1999John SuttonMike TaylorMark ForsstromJim Pope
1998Mark ForsstromPaul HarrisPaul HarrisMike Taylor
1997Neil DilleMark ForsstromDan WatsonRuss Swain
1996Dan PerryJohn PiccoliAdam PintoJohn Longhurst
1995Jim PopeCleo Cripps/Earl WhiteNone awardedMike Britt
1994Adam PintoAdam PintoDavid CrundenJoe Hanley
1993Perry RatcliffDan PerryRandy Tuggle
1992Ernie BeltzPerry RatcliffKirk Meyer
1991Ken JohnsonKen Johnson***Doug Young
*in 2011 Roger Zueger was given a special recognition award
** in 2017 new scoring system for Marksman/Angler (no more 5pts for showing up)
*** Only 2 time honor of Sportsman of the Year founder Ken Johnson also 25th yr anniversary
Highlighted names have passed away.